Farligt gods-databas på nätet och i mobilen

The android app ”ADR Dangerous Goods”

ADR Dangerous Goods

Think the ADR manual is too heavy and bulky to fit in your pocket? Think again!

With our Android app you can quickly search for any UN-number and get all the data for that particular substance directly on your screen. Use the Load list function to let the app decide whether the goods you just loaded on the truck can be transported as value calculated amount, and if there are any mixed loading restrictions to consider.

The app works offline, which means you don’t even need a data connection to use it.

Read more about the app ”ADR Dangerous Goods” at Google Play

Betyg 5/5

Great app!

If only I had installed this app 2 months ago, I would have avoided getting a £200 fine!

– Jörgen

Note: The screenshots below are from the Swedish version of the app, ADR Farligt Gods, please go to Google Play to view screenshots of the english version!

Mixed loading restrictionsLimited quantityPreferencesMenus Load listMixed loading




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